2017 Oct 08

Concerto for Life and Peace - Initiation of Love Earth, Love Peace

“Love Earth” shouldn’t remain as rhetoric. We need to take action to protect this organic system. Interdependent diversity and interconnectedness are the characteristics of this ecosystem. 

On October 8th and 10th of 2017, we held the Concerto for Life and Peace at the Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center and Taipei International Convention Center respectively. We are very glad to see people coming in supporting the cause of this event. Through music, we delivered the vibe and message of peace. At the same time, we announced the commencement of the planning on the University for Life and Peace. We sincerely invite all of you to join the new movement of “love Earth, love peace”. 

“Love Earth” isn’t just about recycling. To love our planet Earth earnestly, we need to return to the state of a “peaceful life”. Allow our minds to quiet down and return to its origin. When the energy resonates, peace can bring forth the stability and wellbeing of Earth. 

Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) has been promoting “natural living with Chan”. It advocates the reconnection with the nature for people surrounded by technology. By living with simplicity, a Chan lifestyle helps one to attain peace. The peace of mind transforms the karma of planet Earth. Interdependent diversity can, therefore, be protected and sustained as one body. 

The world is diverse and interdependent. One relies on another to survive and thrive. Yet, mankind has been too greedy. The environmental crises are the result of greed. However, we are only seeing just the tip of the iceberg. The city jungle we live in is built by cemented skyscrapers. We pollute the water body with chemicals. The water source is contaminated and the aquatic habitat is destroyed. People are making mountains of garbage with plastic and styrofoam. When garbage float into the ocean, aquatic beings consume them by mistake and die. The living style and the industry of mankind generate lots of carbon waste that permeates the atmosphere. Military exercise, nuclear experiments, and other detrimental activities are making global warming and the environment even worse quickly. 

Different kinds of pollution worldly interact and create more chaos. The biological memory has been disrupted. It is alarming to think of the crises that we leave for the future generation. It is only by establishing the common awareness and knowledge on ways to love our Earth can our planet resume normality. This must be done by breaking down the divisive idea of countries, territories, ethnicities, religions, and more. 

The ecosystem has been damaged to a breaking point. With more harm inflicted on the system, it’d be extremely difficult to recover. At the very least, we must do our best to prevent further deterioration. Ecological ethics must be restored. We must promote a virtuous lifestyle with environmental knowledge. We continue to invite friends from different religions to take on the actions to love our planet. Then, the movement should also be encouraged among academics, business, politics, and more. The education on peace is a movement for all in society. 

Planet Earth is like a human being. It is an organic system. To survive, we need to put the welfare of this world as a priority. Religion awakens goodness in humanity and inspires a positive cycle. The intention of mankind affects the energy vibe of the world, as well as our environment and ecosystem. “Love Earth” shouldn’t remain as rhetoric. We need to take action to protect this organic system. Interdependent diversity and interconnectedness are the characteristics of this ecosystem. 

To prevent the world from being overwhelmed by materialism, conflicts, and excessive spending, etc. Allow the sacredness of spirituality to radiate in every activity of our life. On the contrary, we shouldn’t be too picky and demanding based on our greed. We should maintain a simple lifestyle. We have food, shelter, clothes, and everything to live comfortably and decently. Do not worry so much on the number of your balance. Live a frugal life and do not waste resources. Be positive, active, encouraging, and optimistic. Having a simple, pure, and virtuous lifestyle helps to prevent the world from crises. 

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