2020 Apr 27

Audrey Tang on how Taiwan countered the coronavirus, collated by the University for Life and Peace

University for Life and Peace pays attention to Wellbeing of Earth and Sustainability of Life. We explore ways of healing Earth through technology. How did Taiwan counter the coronavirus using the power of technology? What made Taiwan successful?

The University for Life and Peace pays close attention to
the Wellbeing of our Mother Earth and the Sustainability of Life.


A new virus has appeared on our planet - the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, and it has caused the widespread of the Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19). It is testing humankind's values, our perspective of the ecosystem, and our love and care for other lives. We have collected a series of spiritual reflections and actions taken to counter Covid-19, in hopes that it will also awaken your Love for Mother Earth, to Return to Spirituality, and to Love All Lives. At the same time, we are also interested in exploring how we can use technology to heal the Earth in such times.

In this short video below, you will see Audrey Tang, member of Taiwan Executive Yuan as a minister without portfolio, talk about how Taiwan used digital social innovation and the three factors that made its defense against the virus sucessful. These three factors are: FAST, FAIRNESS and FUN.

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